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Anyone can say they are a dog trainer.  In fact we have seen some people list books they have read, or seminars they have attended as "credentials".  But what have they accomplished?  How long have they been training, have they personally had any success?  We are proud of our continued success, and happy to be able to share our knowledge & expertise with our students!

jadda win.jpg

"Ijaeda" CD, TD, BH, AD, SchH1, TT, Am./Cdn, CGC, HIC(s)

High Obedience In Trial (95 pts),  2001 Ont. Regional SchH1 Champion, qualified for SchH Nationals

"Isis" CD, TD, BH, AD, SchH1, HIT(s), TT, CGN

High SchH1 (98V-96V-96V), High Obedience in Trial, High in Trial (290V), 4x 1st in Class Wins for CD)

V-"Jadda" CD, TD, BH, AD, SchH1, TT, CGN, KKL 1a

High Protection in Trial (98V), 99/100 V-score in Tracking, High Scoring Shepherd in Trial (HDKOC)



Cairo von Immerstark BH, AD, TR1, HIT(s)

HighTR1 in Trial (98V)


Raven heeling IPO1.jpg

& soon to be more!

Ch. ptd. "Cali" CD, TD, BH, AD, HIT(s), TT, CGN

High in Trial (SKDOC), High BH in Trial, 4x 1st in Class Wins for CD, Winner`s Bitch - Erie Shores KC Show





Dasko von Immerstark BH, AD, IPO1, HIT(s)

2nd place at 2012 Ontario Regional Championship (IPO1), High Year-End Tracking Dog (YRSC)




SG-Iraven von Immerstark PCD, CD (2 legs), BH, AD IPO1

High Protection in Trial (SSSC - June 2016), 2x High in Class for CD

 Lisa Frederick 

A dog lover my entire life, I was never able to have a dog as a child due to my father's allergies. I walked and trained a neighbourhood of dogs and worked at dog groomers and veterinarian hospitals all through high school & university to get my "dog" fix! I obtained my B.A. in Psychology studying animal behaviour and learning theories with great interest. Much of this knowledge has been incorporated into my training methods.


For me it has never been enough just to do something with my dog - I have to understand why it works, or doesn't. I take pride in using motivational methods and have a wonderful relationship with my dogs which shows in their performances.


I started in the sports of Schutzhund, CKC obedience & tracking 22 years ago. During this time period I have titled many different dogs to a total of 47 performance titles!  I am also a CGN judge for the Canadian Kennel Club.

Below are a few videos of me training my own dogs, puppies & actual competition footage of Iraven at Muskoka District KC doing her CD.

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All Videos

All Videos
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Here is SG-Iraven von Immerstark BH, AD, PCD tonight - she had the winter off and is raring to go - back to work momma dog....well - after puppies again ;)

Here is SG-Iraven von Immerstark BH, AD, PCD tonight - she had the winter off and is raring to go - back to work momma dog....well - after puppies again ;)

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Unleashed K9 Performance

Unleashed K9 Performance

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IMG 5816

IMG 5816

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Raven recall, finish

Raven recall, finish

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 Mike Leyland 

I first started competing in CKC obedience in the 1980's and shortly thereafter joined the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada to pursue the sport of Schutzhund (tracking, obedience & protection). I founded the Lakeside Schutzhund Club where I was the President for 10 years. I am also a past Training Director for the Ontario Region of the GSSCC.


Over the years I have raised, trained and titled multiple dogs from puppies all the way to SchH3, competing many times at a National level with a top 10 placing for Canada. My female V-"Trixie" SchH1, SchH2, SchH3, AD, KKL 1a Lbz was a Canadian National Siegerin. I have earned my Bronze, Silver and Gold Sports Medals in schutzhund, winning multiple High Tracking, High Obedience and multiple High Protection In Trial awards.


Prior to the Toronto Police Service having their own K9 Unit I was requested to use one of my trained dogs in a missing person search earning a letter of appreciation from them. I have also successfully trained a dog through to RCMP Police Dog Certification. I then got into TV work, with my trained dogs appearing in Littlest Hobo episodes.

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