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$150.00 + HST = $169.50 (6 week course)

Through motivational methods this class teaches:

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Wait

  • Go to bed

  • Come under distractions

  • Proper greetings with people

  • Loose-leash walking / heeling

  • Immediate response to name

  • Ignore other dogs

  • Focus on owner


This course is for puppies 3 months of age or older and for all adult dogs that have not received any formal training.  Learn how to properly socialize your puppy/dog around strange dogs, people and in new environments to build confidence & attention to you.


This course is focused on teaching ENGAGEMENT with your dog through games & obedience exercises.  In this class we work on building trust and attention to the owner under distractions, including sit, down, come and wait.


Loose-leash walking & the beginnings of proper heeling are covered, as well as teaching your dog to go to their bed on command.  Dogs are taught polite greetings with both people and around other dogs - teaching them to ignore other dogs and focus on their owner.



$150.00 + HST = $169.50 (6 week course)

  (Classes are once a week for 6 weeks)

THURS. July 30th - THURS. Sept. 3rd

(6:00 - 6:45 pm)


Through motivational

methods this class


  • Sit - Stay in group of dogs

  • Down - Stay in group of dogs

  • Come under increasing distractions

  • Sit calmly while being handled

  • Heeling including turns, fast & slow paces & figure 8's

  • Automatic Sit in heeling when you halt

  • Finish (Going to heel position after the recall exercise)

As this course progresses we start shifting to a random reward schedule, building work ethic and reliability in your dog's obedience responses through our use of motivational based training and collar cues.  Games are still interspersed with the more formal obedience commands to keep training fun for both you & your dog!

This course is for graduates of our Basic Manners & Control class and a perfect refresher course for previous Advanced students who have let their training get a bit rusty!  This class builds on skills learned while working under increasing distractions.  


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