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REIVO von den Wolfen
DOB: Aug. 23rd, 2012
* Reivo arrived in Canada Dec. 16th, 2013 - Thank you Thomas Lapp & Beate Haupt!

Sire:  V - Zorro von der Mordschau  IPO3 KKL1a
Dam:  V - Peggy vom Fuchsstein SchH2 KKL 1a

"a" stamp Hips & Elbows
DNA Degenerative Myelopathy CLEAR (N/N) GS-DM3982/26M-PI
OFA Eye Cert. Registry Number:  GS-EYE364/42M-PI

Information on "REIVO"

We purchased Reivo at 17 months of age from our friend and mentor Thomas Lapp of "von den Wolfen" kennel in Germany.  Thank you Thomas!  Reivo is an unbelievably strong and powerful male with a clear head and excellent nerves.  He loves our household Chihuahua cross and ignores our house cats.  Reivo is a loyal dog to the family and ignores and is neutral with strangers.  He is actively working towards titles in 2015 and shows power and animation in everything that he does.  His protection work is dominant and powerful and without a doubt he is the most methodical and natural tracking dog we have ever trained. 

The cross of del Lupo Nero bloodlines (Raven) with the Falk von den Wolfen line (Reivo) has been done many times with great success in Germany and we expect fantastic puppies from this litter suitable for Schutzhund sport, competitive obedience, agility, flyball and tracking, as well as highly intelligent dogs that would be wonderful ACTIVE family companions. 

Now that Raven has her IPO1 - 2016 will be Reivo's year for titles!!  Here we go!

"a" stamp Hips & Elbows
DNA Degenerative Myelopathy CLEAR (N/N) GS-DM3982/26M-PI

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