COVID-19 Protocols:

1. Masks are MANDATORY - No mask = no class

2. Classes are staggered in order to have minimal people on the property at any given time & allow time between classes to disinfect

3. NO SPECTATORS (so sorry) – only one handler per family can attend as we can't ensure social distancing in the viewing area.

4. Social distancing must be adhered to

5. If you, or a family member is feeling unwell, or if you may have been exposed to someone ill – please DO NOT COME TO CLASS!

**Note that the below class start dates are assuming there are no more delays (lock-downs or stay at home orders) IF there is a delay or interruption in the class schedule due to government restrictions (& I hope there isn't!) your class will resume as soon as legislation allows - same day of the week, same time slot so keep this in mind when registering.

Manners & Control

This course is for puppies 3 months of age or older and for all adult dogs that have not received any formal training.  


Learn how to properly socialize your puppy/dog around dogs, people and in new environments while building confidence & attention to you!

$160 + HST for 6 wk course

Through motivational methods this class teaches:

  • Sit & Down         

  • Wait

  • Come under distractions

  • Proper greetings with people

  • Loose-leash walking / heeling

  • Immediate response to name

  • Ignore other dogs & Focus on owner

  • Jumps for fun & building confidence


Please FILL OUT REGISTRATION FORM BELOW TO BE CONTACTED AS SOON AS WE ADD ANOTHER CLASS which will have start dates within next 4-7 weeks!



July 12th - August 23rd  (6:00 - 6:45 pm) - FULL

July 12th - August 23rd  (7:15 - 8:00 pm) - FULL



August 10th - Sept. 14th  (7:15 - 8:00 pm) - FULL


August 19th - Sept. 23rd   (6:00 pm - 6:45 pm) - FULL

Advanced Control

This class builds on skills learned in Level 1.  All skills are performed under increasing distractions.

Games are still interspersed with the more formal obedience exercises to keep the training fun for both you and your dog!

$160 + HST for 6 wk course

Through motivational methods this class teaches:

  • Sit - Stay in group of dogs         

  • Down - Stay in group of dogs

  • Come under more distractions

  • Finish (go to heel after come)

  • Sit calmly for handling/exam

  • Heeling - changes of pace

  • Heeling - turns & figure 8's

  • Adding spins and weaving into the heeling to keep it fun!


TUESDAYS - August 10th - September 14th      (6:00 pm - 6:45 pm)

Only 1 spot left as of July 21st




THURSDAYS - August 26th - September 30th      (7:15 pm - 8:00 pm)